We welcome you to participate in The International Symposium on Advanced Composites Technology, to be held at the University of South Australia, 3–5 August 2018.   

Having purpose-designed multiphase structure, properties and applications, composites over the past decades have been increasingly more researched and utilized in various industrial sectors especially aerospace and automotive. Significant research interests have been focused on using nanomaterials – including but not limited to silicate layers, carbon nanotubes and recently graphene sheets – for polymers/metals/ceramics to create nanocomposites with desired mechanical robustness and/or specific functionalities. What will be the next frontiers for composites research?  

This symposium aims to provide a platform for academics, research scientists, engineers, postgraduates and other experts to exchange perspectives on this question, to stimulate new ideas and to create potential collaborations. This symposium is organised by School of Engineering, Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment, University of South Australia. It is comprised of invited talks from experts in different composites research areas, posters from participants and a student poster competition.